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the cerberus

November, 2017 - February, 2018

Team Project

Game Design

In mythological stories, hell is mostly a place for evils and guilty souls. However, we believe there is another story of the underground world. Death is essential to maintain the principle of nature and keep the Earth safe. Hence, we designed a game and let players learn the story of the underground world.


The game

Cerberus is one of the elite that directly responds to Hades. It, or should say ‘they’, have three heads, representing 3 different characters and have individual roles. They are responsible of securing the gate of hell and keeping Hades treasures safe and sound.

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Each of them have specific talent, socializing, power, and knowledge. Ability of socializing helps them get significant information about the human world and the treasure. Power enables them to boost physical ability and fight back some enemies. Knowledge keeps them from dangerous traps and dealing with puzzles.

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They will inevitably face resistance against the enemies. ‘Pandora Box’ will also analyze the strength and weakness of them so that Cerberus will fight more easily. After Cerberus win the fight, the bosses’ souls will be captured and the region they are responsible for will be back to normal.

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the story