white lie

September, 2017 - November, 2017

Team Project

Research through Design

Is white lie good or bad? To learn how the audience think of this topic, we designed a poster for a ridiculous campaign, and got some surprising results.



distribute ‘questionnaires‘

design for debate-09.jpg

Our goal through the white lie was to inform the importance of personal data by releasing them to ’hackers (us)’. To collect people’s data, we designed a poster of a non-existing event, and asked for signatures and personal email addresses.

design for debate-01.jpg

get ‘feedback‘

design for debate-10.jpg

After the data was collected, we sent ‘spams‘ to the people to create a situation that their data was hacked. After that, we apologized to them, explaining the design purpose, and asked for their feedback regarding white lie.


debate for insight

design for debate-07.jpg

Eventually, we invited 20 people who suffered from our design to join a debate regarding ‘whether white lie is good or not‘. We let participants argued with each other so that their opinions could be fully illustrated. Recording of the debate is here if interested: