September, 2017 - June, 2018

Personal Project

User-centered, Product Design, Interaction Design, UX/UI, Business Development, IoT

Thermo Fisher Scientific Innovation Award

Unlike Traditional dance dancers (e.g. Ballet), a variety of Hip-Hop dancers don’t know the importance of breathing technique, nor do they consider it important, which weakens their performance. Plow helps Hip-Hop dancers to know their breathing pattern, and provide some basic breathing techniques to improve their performance.


product details

The mask contains a breath sensor that can detect users’ breathing volume and distinguish inhalation and exhalation. The start menu teaches users how to interact with the interface. Meanwhile, users have 4 tutorials to learn basic breathing techniques. In tutorials, users will observe how the dancer (presented in grey color) in the interface dance and breathe, and they imitate the moves as well as the breathing pattern (presented in red color).


research process


Empathy Approach




User Journey Map


aglie prototyping

The main issue of the breath sensor was whether users intended to be more comfortable, or gain more accurate data in training.

The main issue of the interface design was if users want more freedom, or more concrete tutorials in training. Also, how to clarify the interface so that users could easily learn and understand.

Based on the questions to answer, a set of prototypes were designed and developed. Coding of the latest iteration can be found through the link if interested:


usability evaluation

To evaluate if the product can help Hip-Hop dancers understand the importance of breathing techniques and learn breathing techniques, usability tests were performed. After testing, the data was gathered and analyzed to answer the question.

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Business Development

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