September, 2016 - February, 2017

Team Project

User-centered, Interaction Design, UX/UI, APP Design

People with Insomnia are suggested to use a sleep diary to record the symptoms. However, it is inconvenient to fill the paper dairy. Rummi is an app that makes use of voice interaction to increase efficiency in symptom logging. It boosts up the speed compared to hand writing, and expands the context so that users can use it anywhere at any time.


voice recording

Compared to writing, voice recording is much faster according to scientific researches. With voice recording, users will have more time recalling and describing their symptoms in detail than with writing. Doctors will have a more comprehensive understanding of their patients.


emotion logging

Users with paper sleep diary also find it difficult to illustrate their emotion. To decrease the burden of identifying emotion. Rummi provides a wide range of selections for them. In this way, they don’t need to struggle to find the best vocabulary that match their feeling.


how to use


User study

The storyboard




interface Design