I'm Siyu Wang


I am the person who is stronly motivated by interest, loving self-expression among the audience and seeks to be original and different. I usually choose the design topic that suits my interest because I believe with in-depth experience already I am able to empathize with other users and acquire insights. With my design, I wish to help people express their unique attitude and value. However, through my learning experience in Industrial Design, I gradually realized the necessity of considering the business value and social value of a product with which it can be sustainable. I believe functionality is the basis of a product, after which there comes the user experience and aesthetic. And the functionality should be studied and evaluated with critical and logical thinking.

2011 ~ 2016 - China University of Mining and Technology 

2016 ~ 2018 - Technology University of Eindhoven

Exhibition at Night of the Nerds 2018 - June, 2018
Top 20 in Tu/e Contest, winner of Thermo Fisher Scientific Innovation Award - May, 2018
Pitcher at Bliksem & Donderdag - February, 2018
Winner of Silver Prize and Future Star Award in Lotus Prize Competition - October, 2014

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